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Hello Lorflor Project Participants!! It’s been awhile, and even though I said I would be coming back with another Lorflor Project…well…now my projects are of a different nature. Black and white photography. It’s something I have been working at ever since I returned from London fall of 2014. Now that it’s picking up steam and starting to go places, I will be writing a monthly newsletter with updates on my work, as well as when prints will be available for purchase. All the insider scoop, you know.

If you would like to receive these newsletters, you can subscribe via my website:

Thank you so much for following along here and participating in my Lorflor Project I and II. Without them I wouldn’t have made it to London (the Go Fund Me campaign), and speaking of London…that’s exactly where I am now! Working on a black and white photo essay titled, LEAF. I will share more about this project in my upcoming newsletter.

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I hope you are doing well!


Lorien aka Lorflor

Coming Back

May 28, 2016 § 3 Comments

Hello Dear Participants,

The Lorflor Project is looking at a come back!

Interest in project has seen increased growth lately and so the planning for another series of Monday paintings is in the works. I hope this is good news!

In the meantime, the Etsy Shop is restocked with $15.00 prints of all the paintings. They are in editions of 50, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Originals are also still for sale. You can see which paintings are available in the gallery.

I hope you all are well and that at least some of your dreams have come true in the recent years.

More updates to come!



That’s a Wrap!

September 12, 2013 § 2 Comments


Well folks! I can hardly believe it!! The Lorflor Project II wrapped up before I even knew it and now I find myself in London studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Garden Design. These past few months have been such a rapid and hurried transition – it’s only now at this very moment, that I am realizing everything in my life has shifted around to what it is now. And it looks different. Which is a good thing.

I want to thank each of you for your support with The Lorflor Project I and II, to all who left titles and for those who simply enjoyed viewing the new paintings (almost) each week (when the projects were running). I began painting in the spring of 2011 to help me through a rough patch but didn’t know that over two years later I would end up with 69 original paintings which then turned into prints and cards with an Etsy Shop – followed by a very successful art show hosted at the best gallery in town (my beloved “L Street”) – and that to date – 33 of the original paintings have been sold! It’s really incredible to me, this small side-journey I have taken. To paint and produce an art show is a dream I’ve had for a long time and I am so grateful I have been able to fulfill it at this stage in my life. I am already looking forward to The Lorflor Project 3!!! Get your bio’s ready!

So the art show – yes there was an art show! It was awesome and I was so pleased with the turn out, the food and drink, the atmosphere, the presentation of the paintings and the biographies, and most of all – getting together with people who are very important to me and who have been supporting and rooting for me for a good while now!

While I am here in London, The Loflor Project will be on hold. If you are new to this blog, and want to be made aware when it starts back up again, please subscribe by clicking on the button on the righthand side of this page.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all in 2015!


Lorien aka Lorflor

IMG_8405 IMG_8406 IMG_8407 IMG_8408


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Dear All,

My original paintings from The Lorflor Project I & II are now for sale. There are 69 in total, of which 33 have been sold. To view the available paintings, please go to the Gallery, click on the first painting and scroll through the images. You will either see FOR SALE, or SOLD. If you see one you fancy enough to purchase which is still available, please email me at so I can reserve it while we arrange payment and delivery.


Lorien aka Lorflor

The Art Show Is Finally Happening!

August 10, 2013 § 1 Comment


Dear Lorflor Project Participants,

I have extremely exciting news! I have a date and a time and a place for my Lorflor Project Art Show!!! It’s doubling as my going-away-to-London party. So check out the invite above and if you’re in the area PLEASE COME! It will be a ton of fun to see all the original paintings up on the wall with all the bios next to them. Which reminds me…ALL YOU WHO STILL have not sent my your bio, I will be contacting you with details of what I need – so please prepare yourself. 🙂


Lorien aka Lorflor


Anywhere the Wind Blows

August 5, 2013 § 21 Comments

6x6" Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Titled by: Allysha; Springville, UT


Silo Reflection…and a Telephone Pole

July 15, 2013 § 16 Comments

6x6" Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Titled by: Heidi; Salt Lake City, UT

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