The Lorflor Project I: 1-50

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May 23, 2011

Chicken in Sombrero Driving Armored Car

Chicken in Sombrero Driving Armored Car

Titled by: Dawn; Dubuque, IA


May 30, 2011


Three Sisters

Titled by: Allysha; Springville, UT


June 6, 2011


I Fell and Hit My Head

Titled by: Halfelven; Rivendell, ME

  • Umbrella Dance; Stephanie
  • Tails with Tales to Tell; bj88dec
  • Too Much Fish Curry; James D
  • And There You Were Again, Inside My Golden Kaleidoscope; Bethany
  • Pi; Lincoln
  • Spirals Unriveled; dawn giegerich
  • Birds of Paradise; Lloya Hall
  • Summer Winds; Kara
  • Tails of Desperation; Grant
  • Acid Trip; Grant’s roommate
  • Whirligig; allysha
  • POW!!!; Kip
  • Life in Curls Multicolored; Saul
  • Snail Race; Anonymous

June 13, 2011

the Fabulous Mythical Rainbow Dragon sheds her scales

the Fabulous Mythical Rainbow Dragon sheds her scales

Titled by: Lincoln; Springville, UT

  • River rocks; allysha
  • Burgeoning Universe; Rugger
  • Tracing the Rainbow to its Beginning, Stumps the Leprechaun; Kristin
  • OSMOSIS; Stephanie
  • Stepping Stones; Jordan
  • Pebbles; Kim
  • the Fabulous Mythical Rainbow Dragon sheds her scales; Lincoln
  • Globules in the Soup; dawn giegerich
  • Diversity in Harmony; MrDaveyGie
  • Aquas, Quam Plures (latin: waters, as many as possible); Kip
  • Sossego in Color; Bethany


June 20, 2011

Shades of Digital

Shades of Digital

Titled by: Kip; Vineyard, UT

  • Zebra Fragments; dawn giegerich
  • Shades of Digital;Kip
  • Chameleon Strolling through the Zebra Herd; Kristin
  • Pangea; michiko
  • Plate Tectonics; allysha
  • Zebra Fragments; MrDaveyGie
  • Faces; Bethany
  • Animal Kingdom; Lincoln
  • Black and White Rainbow; Grant


June 27, 2011

August Night Tree Tour

August Night Tree Tour

Titled by: Kip; Vineyard, UT

  • Cherry Trees and Raindrops; dawn giegerich
  • She Took of the Fruit Thereof and Did Eat; Lloya Hal
  • Would You Like Some More Breadsticks with Your Salad?; Sheryl DeGering
  • The Young Ones; Bethany
  • August Night Tree Tour; Kip
  • Peacock Boogie; Michiko
  • Apple Trees at Night; Stephanie G
  • Cherrylicious; Rugger


July 4, 2011

Coloring the Galaxy

Coloring the Galaxy

Titled by: Kimberly; Salt Lake City, UT

  • The Three Degrees; Marc
  • From The Bottom Looking UP; Kara Gallagher
  • Hurricane Awesome; michiko
  • Coloring the Galaxy; Kim
  • Bestowal of the Elements; Jacob
  • Cathedral Glass Shoot-Out; Dawn
  • With our Powers Combined…; Grant
  • Heavens Sent; Jordan
  • Star Travel, Incorporated.; Bethany
  • Other Universe; Lincoln
  • Shafts of Light from Rosebuds; c.j.

July 11, 2011

Divine Intervention at the Easter Egg Hunt

Divine Intervention at the Easter Egg Hunt

 Titled by: Michiko; Fullerton, CA

  • Falling Revelation; Kip
  • divine intervention at the easter egg hunt; Michiko
  • And there was light; Allysha
  • Curly clouds on stones, oh so red; Dawn
  • Troubled Skies; Kim
  • Lightning in the Blue Forest; Rugger
  • Light beats Dark; Jacob
  • The Barrow Downs; Brooke Howland
  • People at church; MrDaveyGie
  • Power of the Praying Sisters or Strength of Women; Stephanie
  • Mr. Wind’s Minions; Kara Gallagher
  • the Crescendo; Kevin
  • The Ascending Descending; Bethany
  • The Golden Lining On An Easter Morning; Keanan


July 18, 2011

Storm Gazing through the Blinds

Storm Gazing through the Blinds

Titled by: Kristin; Minneapolis, MN

  • Caged thunderstorm; Jordan
  • Storm gazing through the blinds; Kristin
  • Retro Barcode; Stephanie
  • Out of Reach; Rugger
  • Feeling a bit militant today; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Let me show you how this feels; Michiko
  • Forbidden; Rugger
  • MORTALITY: bound by my fears and mistakes; Keana
  • Vermelho; Bethan
  • Behind the Scenes; Lloya Hal
  • Blood on the Bamboo; Savory Toothed Tiger
  • Lipstick meteors; Russel Hirst


July 25, 2011

Nuns at the Bowling Alley

Nuns at the Bowling Alley

Titled by: Dawn; Dubuque, IA

  • Space age malt shoppe; Kip
  • Kachina Doll Tea Party; Kristinnuns at the bowling alley; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Baring gifts from another world; Stephanie
  • unexpected visitors; Michiko
  • protocol; Bethany
  • Surfboards and Satchels; Kim
  • Humpty Dumpty Cubed; Grant
  • Trio and Offspring; Rugger
  • UFOs invade the North Shore; Lincoln
  • “UrSkeks at the Great Conjunction of the Crystal Shard: “Make Your World In Its Light, Jen and Kira, Make Your World In Its Light”; Savoury
  • Toothed Tiger
  • Alice In NewYorkLand, 2020: The Resulting Zombification of Homogenous, Propagandistic Media; Keanan
  • Amigos; Lloya Hall


August 1, 2011

As The Greeks Before You

As The Greeks Before You

Titled by: Bethany; Vineyard, UT

  • vanilla dreams; Anonymous
  • lightning and all that jazz; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • The elements seek ascendancy; Lincoln
  • Zeus Incognito; Lloya Hall
  • The gathering together of the waters called he Seas (The third day); Kristin
  • Zeus clashes with Neptune; Momma D.
  • Build your house “upon a rock” or else….Camper Todd
  • Zeus on the Loose; Rugger
  • Lightning Strikes in the Deep; Kim
  • Zeus is a little angry…; Caitlin
  •  Thunder; Mackenzie
  •  Color Storm; Katryn
  •  Fire Bolt; Lindsay
  • As The Greeks Before You; Bethany
  • Olympian Synchroneity; Kip
  • You thought I wasn’t watching?; Russel Hirst
  • We’re not in Kansas anymore; Judy R
  • War Brings Havoc to Already-Random Nature; The Original Kate
  • Rainy Days and Mondays Always Bring an Anorexic Down; Savory Toothed Tiger


August 8, 2011


Three Koi in the Fountain

Titled by: Lady G; Yakima, WA

  • Pac man attack; Jordan
  • Fishing with Cheese Wheels; Megan Ciucci
  • PAC Man ate my Koi; James D
  • the unselfish koi lend me their peace for a moment; Michiko
  • Wabi-Sabi on Red; Bethany
  • Nothing Makes Music Like My Old Vinyl; CJ
  • Three graces; Allysha
  • feeding koi color; Lincoln
  • Floating in Another Dimension; Rugger
  • Swim the Enso; Airen
  • first rain; Lindsey Picazo
  • Tripples; BJ Hall
  • Intersect; April Rosenthanl
  • Ripple of the Koi; Jacob
  • Pac Man meet the Koi in the 60s; Halfelven
  • They Are a Bit Koi; Kara
  • Seeing the pond through ultraviolet glasses; Brooke Howland
  • Koloring Coi; Kristin
  • Concentric Koi; Valerie
  • Manhattan Koi Pond; Kip
  • When bugs hit the fan; Amyks
  • Synchronized Feeding; Michelle
  • Koi Ripples; Senora H-B
  • Psychedelic Fins; Mrs. Organic
  • Easy Peaceful Feeling; Christina
  • Nuclear Accident at the Koi Pond; Judy R.
  • Three Koi In the Fountain; Lady G
  • PacMan Lily Pad; Ann Barlow
  • splash!; Krista
  • Mercurial fortune; Inna
  • Playing Koi; Meg
  • Pac Man Acid Trip; Cindi Simmons
  • Koi Correspondence; Sarah J
  • Fishyssoise; Barkingkel
  • Radioactive Koi; Jillian
  • Snapfish; Lina Powers
  • The Painted Koi – Red; Jennie
  • Acid Koi Pond; Tarin Lambright Rafferty


August 15, 2011

Quiet Flamingo Cocktail Party

Quiet Flamingo Cocktail Party

Titled by: Todd; Victoria, MN

  • Dos on Ice; ajbc
  • Quiet flamingo cocktail party; Todd Galbraith
  • Flamingo Ball; Senora H-B
  • Solace; Allysha
  • The Sun Set on My Dreams; Kara
  • “When I was your age…” he began; Shannon Johnson
  • float, calm, adrift; Heather C.
  • the answers to your questions; Michiko
  • “ice cream in the anemone; Cosette
  • Love Lingers at Laguana Lagoon; Lloya Hall
  • Pink Lovelies Silently Skating By; Judy R.
  • Palantir Shine in the Darkness!; Halfelven
  • Teaching the Future World; Jacob
  • Mere Reflection is Brighter than Reality; The Original Kate
  • Reflecting on Life; Caitlin
  • Welcome back to the Village, Number Six; Russel Hirst
  • Two drowned clowns; Russel Hirst
  • balance of pink; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Pluot Lake; meganwagnerlloyd
  • the balance; Bethany
  • pas de deux; Cindee
  • Orangutan vs. Fruit; Tiff
  • Red Spheres on Crystal River; Rugger
  • Reflections of a Cherry Tree; Kim
  • Ghosts in Peace; Kip
  • Orbs on the Amazon; Lincoln
  • The Visit; Ann Williams
  • Ice-skating cherries; RMS
  • rosey pebble reflection; Sarah J


August 22, 2011

After Midnight

After Midnight…

Titled by: Sally; Colorado Springs, CO

  • After Midnight…..; Sally
  • Pyre On The Sea–A Conference Table for Spirits; The Original Kate
  • The witches’ spell; Jason
  • Indigo Afterglow; Shannon Johnson
  • No more pencils, no more books; Russel Hirst
  • The Telling; Jacob
  • 3 cowboys at a campfire; Halfelven
  • waltz of the firelies; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Sensual saturation of the seventh sleep; James D
  • Children of the night; Jordan
  • water night; C.J.
  • Chandelier Swaying in the Empty Parlor; Judy R.
  • Brace yourself: Here They Come; Michiko
  • Only you can prevent wild fires; Heather C.
  •  Ghost Stories; Rugger
  • Fire Dances; Allysha
  • Pyros Brazenly Taunts Hydros; Keanan
  • Campfire across the lake; Mary
  • Embracing fire; Elisabet
  • Fathers & Sons, Generations; Kristin
  • Double, double toil and trouble; Elba
  • 3 men sitting around the fire; Caitlin
  • The Lost Tales; Bethany
  • Prometheus’ Legacy; Sara M
  • Silhouettes of a Glowing Ember; Fiferoony
  • Prehistoric Loneliness; Lincoln
  • “So if we rob the stage coach at noon, when do we have lunch?”; Kara Gallagher


August 29, 2011

Then One Day, They Came

Then One Day, They Came

Titled by: Keanan; London, England

  • Ideas rising; Russel Hirst
  • family portrait; Brooke Lee Russell
  • The Comet Brigade; allysha
  • The unbearable light of knowing; James D
  • Watered down fireworks; Heather C
  • Chalk picture in Seattle; Tiff
  • Rush Hour at Grand Central; Kristin
  • Reconciliations; Lloya Hall
  • nameless, faceless; Michiko
  • cascading tulips; c.j.
  • super mario star bursts; Caitlin
  • Dandelion Fluff Emerging; Judy R
  • People In A Crowd; The Original Kate
  • apostles of apathy; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Late for Work; Shannon Johnson
  • Journey of the Magi; Rugger
  • She Wondered If She’d Ever Find What She Was Looking For; Kara Gallagher
  • Blurs in a Crowd; Kim
  • Hyacinths, and Daffodils, and Crocuses…Oh my!; Brooke Howland
  • Spirits of Malcontent; Kim Cantrell
  • Yellow is the New Black; Sara M
  • Then, One Day, They Came; Keanan
  • The Evening Rain; Bethany
  • Ancestors; Lincoln
  • Chim-Chim-Cheree; Jessica
  • The Ghosts of Easters Past; RMS
  • Instead, We Chose To Shine; Sean
  • Contagious Smile; Gabriel


September 5, 2011

Attack of the Alien Killer Flowers

Attack of the Alien Killer Flowers

 Titled by: Russell; Knoxville, TN

  • fancypants cupcakes; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • The Bake Sale; Shannon Johnson
  • Crowded Galaxy; Judy R
  • Protozoas Know How To Party; Kara
  • Attack of the alien killer flowers; Russel Hirst
  • The wheels are turning; Jordan
  • Lilly Pad Flash Mob; Halfelven
  • Happy Gippy Gears; The Original Kate
  • Sombrero Fiesta; Lincoln
  • Flamenco; Kip
  • Cyclops Invitational; Lloya Hall
  • stuff you can’t see with the naked eye; Michiko
  • Her Mind Was Spinning; RMS
  • Spores Galore!; Rugger
  • Wonka’s Candy Cogs; Kristin
  • Science in Art; Todd Galbraith
  • They All Came To See For Themselves; Keanan
  • of baubles and bulbs; c.j.
  • At the Ferris Wheel Convention; Sara M
  • Sugar plums danced in their heads; Heather C.
  • Whirling Whimsy; Bethany
  • Watching Us, Watching Them, Watching Us; Sean
  • I Am NOT A Weed!; Gabriel


September 12, 2011

Recalling Memories

Recalling Memories

Titled by: CJ; Orem, UT

  • Bird Dog Heaven; Kara
  • Firefly Gala; Kristin
  • allergens unite!; Michiko
  • Firefly Avalanche; Shannon
  • Acid Rain Downtown; RMS
  • Pixies changing the seasons; Jordan
  • shower of golden orbs; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Gabriel Descends; Lloya Hall
  • Fireflies in a Color Storm; Caitlin
  • recalling memories; c.j.
  • Off to Neverland; Heather C.
  • Galaxies Collide; Rugger
  • Fireflies Stuck on a Canvas; Kim
  • Smiting of the Firstborn; Fiferoony
  • At the Creation of Everest; Sara M
  • Lights to Heaven; Allysha
  • Sneeze of the Mountain King; Russel Hirst
  • Discovery’s last launch; Marc
  • The Descent; Bethany
  • A New World Is Born; Keanan
  • Hope Springs Eternal; Sean
  • Thursdays; Lincoln


September 19, 2011

Bleeding Daisies

Bleeding Daisies

Titled by: Kate; Salem, OR

  • Fire and Ice; Lloya Hall
  • Tropical Avalanche; Sally
  • Fried Egg, Black Skillet; Shannon Johnson
  • Fire and Frost; Russel Hirst
  • The light will come; Jordan
  • Waterfall; Allysha
  • Ravaged Mountains; Michelle
  • And we shall divide the light from the darkness; Todd Galbraith
  • Himalayan Sunrise; c.j.
  • Bleeding Daisies; The Original Kate
  • Over Easy; Sara M
  • The Kidney Stone; James D
  • Overcoming the darkness; Caitlin
  • don’t cry over spilled sunshine; Michiko
  • Trondheim; Kim Cantrell
  • eidolons and the aspen boughs; Rocket
  • the forest is afire; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Darkness Fades; RMS
  • Lemon Ice Cascade; Rugger
  • Rome is Burning; Kara
  • From The Ashes…; Keanan
  • On The Mountain; Bethany
  • Bedouins at the Edge of an Abyss; Kip
  • Fire-Winged Pegasus; Sean
  • Washing away winter grime; Kristin


September 26, 2011



Titled by: Jordan; Phoenix, AZ

  •  The Birds!!!!; Halfelven
  • Three degrees of avian glory; Russel Hirst
  • Esperando; Jordan
  • A Few Seats Left in the Balcony; Shannon Johnson
  • a really satisfying gossip session; Michiko
  • Eye View Birds; Kara
  • barbed wire; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • On the Wire; Lloya
  • On the Line; Senora H-B
  • The Committee on Local Affairs; Kip
  • Social tweeting; Elisabet
  • Thirty-Nine Feathered Friends; Heather C.
  • Party on the Telephone Wire; Caitlin
  • a murder of rows; Rocket
  • Class Reunion; Stephanie
  • Who Am I?; Keanan
  • Silent Witnesses; Fiferoony
  • Then bang! went the gun…; Lincoln
  • Blackbird Concerto; Rugger


October 3, 2011

Vitrail Moderne

Vitrail Moderne

Titled by: Elisabet; Barcelona, Spain

  • The ayes have it; Russel Hirst
  • The Wrought Iron Fence to the Garden; Shannon Johnson
  • close up of mermaid tail; Michiko
  • volleyball: a space odyssey; Rocket
  • Bohemian Fish Scales; heather C.
  • Raindrops on the Pond; Tyler Wilson
  • Singled Out; Lloya Hall
  • My dreams; Caitlin
  • Fish Tank Discothèque; Todd Galbraith
  • Rainbow Scales; Senora H-B
  • rainbow of wormholes; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • If Walls Could Talk; Bethany
  • Mood Swing On A Grey Day; Kip
  • Quantum Foam Party; kim Cantrell
  • Vitrail Moderne; Elisabet
  • Tadpole Ball; RMS
  • You are here; Allysha
  • Pedro, the stained glass artist had an affinity for easter eggs and volleyballs; Kara
  • One for the Money; Kirsten
  • Portals to Slumala; Rugger
  • It fell through; Amanda Flood
  • Hey… Where are my stripes?; Isaac Wahlquist
  • a stain glass spring; Lincoln
  • Veil of Peacocks; keanan
  • Patchwork dreams; CJ


October 10, 2011

Giraffes on 5th Avenue

Giraffes on 5th Avenue

Titled by: Lloya; Orem, UT

  • Clearasil challenge; Russel Hirst
  • Giraffe; Allysha
  • Lucy in the sky with diamonds; Todd Galbraith
  • Disco Ball Paradigm; RMS
  • Giraffes on 5th Avenue; Lloya Hall
  • psychedelic turtle; Brooke Lee Russell
  • Blowing bubbles with a straw in my grape Kool Aid; Kristin
  • Petri Jewelry; Kara
  • and the lights fade in and out; c.j.
  • psychedelic microscopic slide time; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Asteroid Invasion; Eli
  • midnight sky lights; Isaac Wahlquist
  • Cement with Aggregate Materials and Chemicals; Rocket
  • bird’s eye view of african village; Brandon
  • close up of giraffe neck; Michiko
  • Paso a paso; Jennifer
  • Asteroids on the Move; Lloya
  • Asteroids . . .; Rugger
  • 7th Period Biology; Heather C.
  • Beneath the Sidewalk; Ben Unguren
  • They Told Me That One Day I Would See; Bethany
  • Under the Microscope; Michelle
  • protozoa party; Lincoln
  • From Charlotte’s Point of View; Sara M


October 24, 2011


The Tangerine Curtain

Titled by: Bethany; Vineyard, UT

  • Autumn Through Tears; Shannon Johnson
  • Hot tomato in the shower; Russel Hirst
  • poppies in the rain; Allysha
  • the pizza delivery guy is NOT getting a tip tonight; Michiko
  • city behind the painted window; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • A Watermelon’s Grief; RMS
  • Clown in the Shower; Sara M
  • Monet’s lament; Jen
  • Rain on Salmon’s Stripes; The Original Kate
  • water balloon painting with Red; Caitlin
  • The Tangerine Curtain; Bethany
  • Falling Through Fire; Rugger
  • Red Rain on Window Pane; Stephanie
  • October rain; Jordan
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears; Lloya Hall
  • Pharaoh’s Curse; Sally


October 31, 2011


Flores Flutuando

Titled by: Rugger; Mantua, Utah

  • Autumn Blaze; Todd Galbraith
  • Sleep, my Pretty; April R
  • Such Grace; Aaron B
  • Backyard Pool Garden; Shannon Johnson
  • mixed emotions; Michiko
  • Ketchup sneeze on picnic day; Russel Hirst
  • After the Zompocalypse; Fiferoony
  • Little Cottonwood in mid October; Rachelle Cameron
  • We got a hot crustacean band; Heather C.
  • Aurora in the sky; jen
  • poppies against an azure sky; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Consider the roses; Kristin
  • Dreaming of poppies; Brooke Howland
  • Ghosts of Spring-times Past; Kip
  • Flores Flutuando; Rugger
  • Poppies; Jordan
  • Pop Pop Poppies; Caitlin
  • The Poppy Fields of Oz; Tiff
  • Crimson Creation; Sally
  • Poppies; Aliesha
  • ***************

    November 8, 2011

144 Nights of TV

144 Nights of TV

Titled by: Heather C.: Salt Lake City, UT

  • stained glass chess board, or, clash of the colors; Todd Galbraith
  • Life Quilt: The joys, sorrows and everything in between; Kristin
  • Prince; Nathan
  • Colors; Mckenzie
  • Ecclectic mosaic; Elisabet
  • A friend of DeKooning; Laura Moore
  • The Bubble Gum Wall-Seattle, WA; Jennifer A.
  • The United Nations of Checkers; Shannon Johnson
  • cubism gone rainbow; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Cube Charisma; Sally
  • 144 Nights of TV; Heather C.
  • grandma’s magnum opus; Michiko
  • And it All Came Together; Caitlin
  • Fire & Ice; RMS
  • Grandma’s Quilt; Rugger
  • Square Dance; Sara M
  • The Rumored Adventures of Miss Margaret Marigold; Bethany
  • Underwater color…..; Jennifer
  • Sunrise Backsplash; The Original Kate
  • Kodiak Discothèque; Kim Cantrell
  • **************

    November 14, 2011

Urban Drift

Urban Drift

Titled by: Lloya; Orem, UT

  • Alien landscapes; MrDaveygie
  • Seattle; James D
  • Simply Seattle; Russell Hirst
  • city of northern dreams; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Threading the Needle; Kristin
  • Santa Claus’s beard attacks the city of seattle and only termites survive; Tina
  • Urban Drift; Lloya Hall
  • It’s like finding a needle in a smoke stack; Kara
  • Minimal Wednesday Morning; Heather C.
  • City of Serenity; Rugger
  • Man in Nature; Todd Galbraith
  • Doldrums in the Dardanelles; RMS
  • Up The Coast; Bethany
  • Urban Pop Abstraction (Mondrian meets Lichtenstein); Kip
  • Seatown, USA!; Katie
  • Seattle, Baby!!!; Denise


November 21, 2011

The Muse of a Headdress

The Muse of a Headdress

Titled by: Shannon J.; Harpswell, ME

  • Struttin’ Stuff; Sally
  • … and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.; Allysha
  • So fine; let’s dine; Russel Hirst
  • The Elegant Peacock; Kim
  • Her wings would never carry her across ocean or plain. She spread them anyway.; Kara
  • Peacock; Denise
  • Peacock on Acid; Margaret
  • Psychedelic peacock; Jordan
  • The Muse of a Headdress; Shannon Johnson
  • Prismatic plumes; Todd Galbraith
  • Peacock Parade; Kristin
  • The Sovereign Swan; Tifflong may she reign; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • If you are willing; Jacob
  • LorFlor; Caitlin
  • Peacock’s Fashion Design Daydream; The Original Kate
  • Unfurled; Sara MTapestry Guadalajara; Rugger
  • African Tribal Dance; Rachelle Cameron
  • The Seventh Vision Of The Pilgrimage; Bethany
  • Elysium; Kip
  • On the Edge of Glory; RMS
  • Alpha Pavonis; ElisabetRuffled Feathers; Blake Brown
  • Peacock Deco; Kim Cantrell


November 28, 2011

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Titled by: Kara; Cottonwood Heights, UT

  • Sí, turtle hurtle; Russel Hirst
  • Family Vacation; Kara
  • When Turtles Fly; Betty
  • Swimming Upstream; Margaret
  • Turtle Effect; Angela
  • cowabunga dude!; Michiko
  • Party at Laguana Beach; Caitlin
  • Turtle Tide; Irene
  • “eggcentric” Turtles; Halfelven
  • Mom, how much longer?; MrDaveyGie
  • Amphibian Adventure; Greg
  • waltz of the tortoises; Dawn Giergerich Welter
  • Journey of the Turtles; Joyce Raeth
  • Climbing Waves; Stephanie
  • I don’t have to outswim that shark; I just have to outswim Y’ALL.; Russel Hirst
  • Out to sea; Jordan
  • Tortoise Tales in Turquoise; Sally
  • Scuba in Maui; Rachelle Cameron
  • swim to the never ending horizon; Heather C.
  • Rolling on the Waves; Rugger
  • Migration; Allysha
  • The Long Journey; Rose
  • ectotherms exploration; Melisa
  • Mother Knows Best; Amy Hamblin
  • Lessons from Daddy; Sara M
  • The End; Bethany
  • Caravanning Gypsy Turtles: Home is where you are; Kristin


December 5, 2011

Dreams Within Dreams

Dreams Within Dreams

Titled by: Rugger; Mantua, UT

  • Night Escape; Bradley Biggerstaff
  • Transcendence; Miriam Card
  • Cat dream; Elisabet
  • Stay with me until I dream; Shannon
  • 42; Annie
  • Worlds Without End; Tiff
  • I really should lay off the pepperoni before bed; Kara
  • Solace; Angela Hartley
  • salaam; Michiko
  • As He Sleeps; Tyler Wilson
  • There is no end to dreaming; Heather C.
  • Take Me to My Dreams; Caitlin
  • The cat that purred planets; Russel Hirst
  • Escher Takes a Nap; Sara M
  • warily I sleep amidst the clashing orchestras and colliding planets; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Dreams Within Dreams; Rugger
  • To Infinity and Beyond; RMS
  • ME!!!; Cameron
  • Cameron Dreams of Cat Heaven; Lloya Hall
  • Blueberry fieldss forever; Todd Galbraith
  • Evening; Bethany
  • In paradisum deducant te cattus…; Kip


December 12, 2011



Titled by: Rachel S; Irpin, Ukraine

  • Ring on string, marbles sing; Russel Hirst
  • Plum yo-yo; Jordan
  • The First Gumdrop; abenson
  • Social Anxiety Disorder; Rachel
  • 20 bowling balls; Cosette
  • one last grape on the vine; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Contrary Balloon; Kim Cantrell
  • Origin of Ornaments; Kim Cantrell
  • Ornament Selection; Stephanie
  • Lifeline; Kristin
  • A Cranberry Christmas; Gordi Rogers
  • Foucault Pendulum; Elisabet
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green; Sara M
  • The Candy Man Can; Kara
  • Suspended; RMS
  • Hitch Your Wagon To A Star; Keanan
  • Plum; Bethany
  • Popee; Ryan
  • Singled Out, yet still hanging on; Heather C.


December 21, 2011



Titled by: Allysha; Springville, UT

  • Mandala of Emmanuel; Kip
  • Light Encompasses Darkness; Russel HirstAdvent; Advent
  • silent night holy night; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Zen Roulette!!!; Heidi
  • Glorious Dawn; Todd Galbraith
  • how silently the wondrous gift is given; Michiko
  • Conception Divine; Lloya Hall
  • Light of the Son; Kara
  • Edge of Wonder; Rugger
  • Peace on Earth; RMS
  • Son of God, Love’s Pure Light; Tiff
  • kaleidoscope of prophesy; Brandon
  • Peace on that first Christmas night; Heather C.
  • first yule; Sara M
  • A Sacred Journey; KimThe dear Christ enters in; Jen
  • This Night; Bethany


January 15, 2012


The Blur of That Summer

Titled by: Caitlin; Orem, UT

  • Lazy Hazy Days; RMS
  • Lemon Meringue Submersion; Lloya Hall
  • Dreary Sun; Laney
  • Blissful Dreams; Heather C.
  • Hiding; Bethany
  • Sunny Side Up; Todd Galbraith
  • Lemon Rising; Rugger
  • Yolk Floats; Michiko
  • Haboob; Kristin
  • The Great Cover-Up; Sara M
  • Island Surrounded; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Big School Bus; Kara Gallagher
  • After Dinner at Shrek’s House; Russel Hirst
  • Huevo Frito; Elisabet
  • Yellow over blue; Reb
  • Sunshine on a cloudy day; Rachel
  • Lemon Meringue Upside Pie
  • Summer 1946; Allysha


January 15, 2012

Box Canyon Sunset

Box Canyon Sunset

Titled by: Russel; Knoxville, TN

  • Amber Sunset; Rachel
  • Shades of oxidation; Michiko
  • Box Canyon Sunset; Russel Hirst
  • Ice block chance in Hell; Todd Galbraith
  • The Sunset from my Front Porch; Caitlin
  • Yellow Armada on the Red Sea; Shannon Johnson
  • With Her Fiery Brush; Sara M
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Tense Dreams; Heather C.
  • Blood Orange; RMS
  • Cubist Sunset; Elisabet
  • Waiting; Rugger
  • Amber Sunset; Rachel
  • Simmer; Allysha
  • The Magician’s Daughter; Bethany


January 16, 2012

Glacial View

Glacial View

Titled by: Jessica; Round Rock, TX

  • Frozen Aliens Awaiting a Worthy Movie; Russel Hirst
  • Behind the waterfall; Todd Galbraith
  • The Gales of November; Mel
  • Through the windowpane; Jordan R.
  • The crying game; Elisabet
  • Then it rained, giving the lilies a lovely effect.; Kara
  • Blue Lagoon; Lloya Hall
  • Rain in a Waterfall; Mary
  • Heaven; Sheryl DeGering
  • denim melting; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • broken windshield wipers; Heather C.
  • Azure Enclosure; RMS
  • Storm at the Window; Rugger
  • Inside the Marble; Sara M
  • harbor, morning; Michiko
  • They watch from between the wind.; Kim Cantrell
  • glacial view; Jessica C
  • Peace; Kim
  • the january time; Bethany
  • As the Rain Washed it Away; Caitlin
  • deluge; Alena
  • Rain on Windowpane; The Original Kate


January 23, 2012

Hot on the Trail

Hot On The Trail

Titled by: Melissa; Blackfoot, ID

  • Wanna play Connect Four?; Kara
  • Constellation Invention; The Original kate
  • Hot on the Trail; Fiferoony
  • Gadianton Robbers infiltrate society; Todd Galbraith
  • The light beyond; Rebecca
  • beehive synapses; Michiko
  • The Art of Force and Motion; Shannon Johnson
  • Connections; Christina
  • Where to next?; Heather C.
  • symbiosis; Ryan
  • The Great Bubble Wrap Art Project; Juliete
  • blackout at the button line-up; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Pops on Parade; Sally
  • Eternities Connecting; Rugger
  • Erratic wandering; Elisabet
  • Waiting for square pegs; Russel Hirst
  • Lost Memories; Heidi Carter
  • Behind What Is Misunderstood; Bethany
  • Connect Four Constellation; Joyanna Hirst


April 2, 2012

Windblown Spring

Windblown Spring

Titled by: Kate; Salem, OR

  • triumphant return; Michiko
  • Controlled Fall Swallows; Kip
  • Return to summer; Jordan R.
  • Spring. Breaking.; Juliette
  • Windblown Spring; The Original Kate
  • Flourishing Flight; Joyanna
  • i can smell the peonies; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Twitterpated; Brooke Howland
  • Title: Riparian Refuge.; sourcesofbeauty
  • angels Falling; Lincoln
  • Release; Kara GallagherHope; Sally
  • ‘Joy Cometh in the Morning’; Bethany
  • Wind dance on water; Rebecca
  • Afternoon Bliss; Heather C.


April 9, 2012

Midnight in Uganda

Midnight in Uganda

Titled by: Rugger; Mantua, UT

  • When Trees Cry; Shannon Johnson
  • Reflections in blue; Rebecca
  • the strong silent type; Michiko
  • A storm is brewing in the East!; Halfelven
  • The Three rivers of life; John Luke
  • Shadows of imminent misfortune; Melissa
  • Flights of Fancy; Denise Palfreyman
  • Cerulean Shadows; Sally
  • Nightshade; Allysha
  • i dream of trees over rainbow streams; Dawn
  • the blood of eden; Cathodroid
  • Midnight in Uganda; Rugger
  • Reverse the Autumn Colors; Heather C.
  • Gallows Humor; Nick B
  • Night Moves; Juliette


April 16, 2012

Marathon of the Suns

Marathon of the Suns

Titled by: Heather C.; Salt Lake City, UT

  • Tick Tock Technicolor; Mary
  • Evolution: Alien Killer Flowers Into Nice Flowers; Dr. HirstWorlds in the Spinning of Space; Rugger
  • Soda Pop pop; Rebecca
  • Alien Suns; Rachel
  • dream catching; Michiko
  • Marathon of the Suns; Heather C.
  • Creative Wheels; Kim
  • Parasolarade; Jacob
  • Cookies on Drying Rack; The Original Kate
  • pollen spores on steroids; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Collectibles; Juliette
  • Gear Gig in Techno; Lloya
  • Sunflowers All Dolled Up For a Hot Night On the Town; Kara Gallagher
  • Ages of Man, Ages of Gods; Bethany
  • When Night Turns to Day: Kip


April 23, 2012

Flying Monastery

Flying Monastery

Titled by: BJ Hall; Wellsville, UT

  • Koi Pond Stained Glass; Mary
  • Through a glass brightly; Dr. Hirst
  • Morocco Under Water; Allysha
  • Life’s current; Jason
  • sunken cathedral; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • the lost steps; Michiko
  • Alhambran Winds; Jaco
  • Crocodile Sea; Rebecca
  • The River of Byzantine; Heather C.
  • Cloisters; sourcesofbeauty
  • The pained beauty of spring; Rachel
  • Geometric Flow; Lloya
  • Geometric Flow; Rugger
  • Palatial fish tank; Jordan R.
  • Spring Through Stained Glass; Chris Gallagher
  • Comtemplation; Juliette
  • Goldfish Mansion; Joyanna Hirst
  • Life Has Color; Kara Gallagher
  • Northern Whaling Expedition; Lincoln
  • Byzantine Pacific; Lloya Hall
  • Medieval Crossroads; Kip
  • Time; Bethany
  • Moorish roots; Tina
  • Flying monastery; BJ Hall
  • Shogun; Marc
  • Dotted Feng Shui with Concrete; The Original Kate


April 30, 2012

Still Life Peach in Macro

Still Life: Peach in Macro

Titled by: Allysha; Springville, UT

  • The Firestarter’s Afterthought; Shannon Johnson
  • Apparition; Linsey Picazo
  • Sun kissed rose mist; Russell Hirst
  • Smoke gets in my eyes; BJ Hall
  • blush of the roses; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • The Window in Grandma Frey’s Basement; Rachelle Cameron
  • Moulin Rouge; Rebecca
  • Clouds on Fire; Kim
  • in the midst of sunset; Cecelia
  • My Love is Like a Firey Breath; Lloya Hall
  • dragon morning breath; Michik
  • Dreaming of Heartburn; Kara Gallagher
  • What Lusseyran saw; Kip
  • Conflagration; Rugger
  • Navel Baring; Juliette
  • A Sunrise at Hangover; Kim C.
  • Mars dust; RMS
  • Still life: Peach in Macro; Allysha


May 7, 2012

Brazilian Sea Landscape (Modern)

Brazilian Sea-Landscape (Modern)

Titled by: Kip; Orem, UT

  • Points of entry; Dr, Hirst
  • Lolly Pop Guild; Rachel
  • Identity; Lloya
  • Meeting of the minds; April
  • Flowers on the go; Cecelialet’s blow bubbles; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • As The Olympic Rings Unite; Heather C.
  • in focus/out of focus; Michiko
  • He said, She said; sourcesofbeauty
  • Circles of Spring; Rugger
  • Brazilian Sea-Landscape (Modern); Kip
  • multi-directional yo yo; Allysha
  • meeting supposed; Bethany
  • Selective Blue; The Original Kate


May 14, 2012

15 Dioptres Myopia

15 Dioptres Myopia

Titled by: Elisabet; Barcelona, Spain

  • Kaleidoscope Clouds; Rugger
  • After the Paintball War; Dr. Hirst
  • Paint Your Own Rainbow; Rachel
  • 15 Dioptres Myopia; ealbaiges
  • Landscape; Lloya
  • light will always break through; Heather C.
  • colliding clouds of emotion; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • parrot wing, magnified; Michiko
  • The Surge; RMS
  • The Aftermath; Aprilrosenthal
  • Sesame Street in Aerial; Juliette
  • Storm Pending; Bethany
  • Cloudburst in primary; Kip


May 21, 2012

Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate

Titled by: HeatherLynn; Salt Lake City, UT

  • the map of middle earth, at Rivendell, on a rainy morning; Halfelven
  • OZsome!; Jason Ellsworth
  • Fire rising in Wind blowing across Rock poised with Water falling into Oblivion; Jacob
  • Heaven’s Gold Descending; Lloya Hall
  • Mount Sinai; Kim
  • Devotion; BJ Hall
  • Heaven’s Gate; HeatherLynn
  • Mountaintop convergence of the green, grey, and drippy yellow clouds; Dr. Hirs
  • mountain cathedral of the greens; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Jungle Splendor; RMS
  • And on the third day; Juliette
  • The Meeting Place; Allysha
  • #42; Michiko
  • Mountain and Cloud Align; Heather C.
  • Sanctuary; Rugger
  • Procession; Kip
  • Inversion Drip; The Original Kate


June 4, 2012



Titled by: Bethany; Orem, UT

  • West by God Virginia; Juliette
  • The Mountains Between Us; Shannon Johnson
  • Desert sky;Jordan R.
  • After the Storm; Jody ’71
  • paint box sunset; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Sky Gradation; The Original Kate
  • Layered Infinity; Lloya
  • threshold of the unknown; Michiko
  • Mountains to the Sun; Rugger
  • The Sun Also Rises; RMS
  • An Array of Clouds; Kim
  • As It Was, As It Is, As It May Yet Be; Kip
  • And Then; Allysha
  • Colors; Oliver
  • Path to Redemption; Heather C.
  • Arcadia; Bethany


June 11, 2012

Bay Abode

Bay Abode

Titled by: Aaron; Chicago, IL

  • Goodbye spool world; Russel Hirst
  • Rio Rendezvous; Sally
  • cinque terre in abstraction; Juliette
  • Urban Landscaping; Allysha
  • Playing Little Blocks Outside; Kara Gallagher
  • favela rising; Michiko
  • lego mountain; Cosette
  • Tree People; Rebecca
  • I once lived on a hill; Heather C.
  • Green People playing with blocks; Dave Giegerich
  • Bay Abode; Aaron
  • checkered jungle; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Caught Between Two Worlds; Kip
  • Stained Glass Trees; RMS
  • With a View; Rachel
  • Italian congestion; Cecelia
  • City Among the Hills; Kim
  • Block City Rising; The Original Kate
  • Bairro Velho or Barrio Viejo; Rugger
  • Rocinha Born; Bethany


June 18, 2012

Bashful Dinosaur

Bashful Dinosaur

Titled by: Rebecca; Knoxville, TN

  • Heron Fishing at Waterfall; Dr. Hirst
  • The way into her heart; James
  • woman carrying a laundry basket; Michiko
  • Bashful dinosaur; Rebecca
  • Ripple Effect; Heather C.
  • Spinning a Yarn; Allysha
  • Under the Ocean; Ella U
  • string symphonies; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • goose on the loose; Lincoln
  • Round Robin; RMS
  • Tampico; Rugger
  • Giraffe’s Night Out; Juliette
  • The Live Wire; Bethany
  • Tampico; Sally


June 25, 2012

Circus Circus

Circus Circus

Titled by: Tina; Salt Lake City, UT

  • Tertiary was not invited; Kristin
  • circus circus; Tina
  • Birthday Bash; Lloya
  • Joy of found marbles; Russel Hirst
  • And Bubbles Filled the Sky; Melissa
  • green sidewalks connect us; Heather C.
  • Abercrombie Float; Jody ’71
  • Color blocks circled; Jordan R.
  • lollypop bubbles; Reb
  • let’s talk about orbits; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • don’t be square; Michiko


July 2, 2012

Waking on the Kalahari

Waking on the Kalahari

Titled by: Bethany; Orem, UT

  • Crayons left on the radiator; Dr. Hirst
  • Painted Desert; Kristin
  • Legs –works both directions; Cecilia
  • Low Tide at Popham Beach; Shannon Johnson
  • peace like a river; Michiko
  • Steep Rivers; Rebecca
  • Below the Surface; Sally
  • Sunrise, Sunset; Kara Gallagher
  • Collective Horizons; Melissa Ogden
  • ice cream rivers; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Bisected; RMS
  • Filamental Matter; Rugger
  • History by Geography; Juliette
  • blurred canyon; Heather C.
  • Waking on the Kalahari; Bethany
  • Stacked Horizons; Husband of The Original Kate


August 6, 2012


Red Dog Hiding

Titled by: Michiko; Fullerton, CA

  • Study in Primaries; LloyaSans Contacts; Heather C.
  • Heading Towards Unity; Sara
  • red dog hiding; Michiko
  • flaming bush; Dawn Giegerich Welter
  • Red runner; Rebecca
  • dreaming; BJ Hall
  • colored waterfall; Cosette
  • Leaves of Flame; Rugger
  • Colorful Undersea Volcano; Marie
  • The Red Moose; Allysha


August 13, 2012


Weird Shapes of Dinosaurs

Titled by: Cosette; Fullerton, CA

  • Sans Glasses; Heather C.
  • Coming into Focus; Sara
  • the proof (nessie IS real!); Michiko
  • awakening; BJ Hall
  • Autumn Splash; Rugger
  • weird shapes of dinosaurs; Cosette


August 20, 2012

Moroccan Dawn

Moroccan Dawn

Titled by:Jody ’71; Denver, CO

  • Ardent Old Lace; Russel Hirst
  • Eastern Wedding; Sara Bean
  • Super Nova; Kim
  • Of Lace and Light; Mary
  • Moroccan Dawn; Jody ’71
  • Evening in the Ladies Parlor; Lloya
  • The Chantilly Witness; Shannon Johnson
  • Extra Fancy Volcano; Michiko
  • Arabesque; BJ Hall
  • Java Lava; Shep
  • A Traveler’s Dream in Oasis; Tomoko Yokoyama
  • Scheherazade Spins Her Tales; Allysha
  • Arabia’s Colors Mapped;  The Original Kate
  • Flames of Arabia; Rugger
  • Messages; Kara
  • Behind the Curtains; Joran R.
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